The Commission

The Major Archiepiscopal Commission for Evangelization and Pastoral Care of the Migrants is constituted to assist the Major Archbishop of the Church in carrying out his responsibilities towards the Syro-Malabar migrant faithful out side the proper territory of the Syro Malabar Church and to animate and co-ordinate the evangelizing mission of the Church.

Members of the Commission :

Bishop Mar Sebastian Vadakkel, MST Chairman
Bishop Mar Mathew Arackal Member
Archbishop Mar Mathew Moolekkatt Member
Fr. Shaji Abraham Kochupurayil MCBS Secretary

Former Secretaries 

Fr. Jose Poonoly CMI-2000-2002 
Fr. Elvis Mangalapilly MST- 2002-2005 
Fr. Joby Kootumkal MST- 2005-2008 
Fr. Justin Vettukallel MST- 2008-2010 
Fr. Jose Cheriampanatt MST-2010-2013 

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